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Who am I?

Engineering consulting, self-employed company (Lorand Forian – Freelancer)

Website: process-improver.com

The privacy policy below applies to this website.

Who is taking care of your data?

Name: Lorand Forian

E-mail: lorand@process-improver.com

Phone: +36302391761

The domain host provider’s name and address (also your data is storaged by them):

Company: Magyar Hosting Kft.

Address: H-1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22, Hungary

The hosting provider is authorized to store and process the data mentioned below.

Explanation of terms used in the Privacy Notice


“Personal data”: any information relating to a natural person (data subject) (eg name, number, location data, online identifier or data relating to the natural person’s physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity);

“Special data”: means personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, as well as genetic and biometric data for the unique identification of natural persons, health data and the sexual life or sexual orientation of natural persons; relevant personal data;

“Data subject”: means an identifiable natural person to whom personal data relate. (Such as: website visitor, person subscribing to the newsletter, person applying for the job advertisement)

“Data processing” means any operation or set of operations on personal data or files, whether automated or non-automated, such as collection, recording, systematisation, sorting, storage, transformation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, communication, transmission, distribution or otherwise harmonization or interconnection, restriction, deletion or destruction;

“Controller” means the natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body which alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data;

“Data processing” means the performance of technical tasks in relation to data processing operations;

“Processor” means any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller (on his behalf, at his direction and at the discretion of the controller);

“Profiling” means any form of automated processing of personal data in which personal data are assessed in order to assess certain personal characteristics of a natural person, in particular his performance, economic situation, state of health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, location or movement; used to analyze or predict related characteristics;

“Third party” means any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body other than the data subject, the controller, the processor or the persons who are authorized to process personal data under the direct control of the controller or processor; they got;

“Consent of the data subject” means a voluntary, specific and well-informed and unambiguous statement of the will of the data subject, by which he or she indicates his or her consent to the processing of personal data concerning him or her by means of a statement or unambiguous statement;

We follow the following principles during data management:

Personal Data will be processed by the Data Controller only for the purpose and for the period specified here. The Data Controller only handles personal data that is essential for the realization of the purpose of data management and is suitable for achieving the purpose.

The personal data obtained by the Data Controller during the data processing may be disclosed only by those persons on behalf of the Data Controller or employed by the Data Controller who have a duty in connection with the given data processing.

What personal information do we take care? (For each data management):

We provide a contact form for our customers on our website. By contacting the form and using the form, the user automatically accepts the contents of the Privacy Policy.

The form will collect the following personal information:

– Name of client

– Customer’s phone number

– Customer Email Address

– Contact text

We collect the collected data for customer service purposes for 1 year. We do not pass on the data to third parties, either for marketing or other purposes!

Automatically recorded data:

If you view our website, certain data of your device (eg laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet) will be recorded automatically. Such information includes the IP address, the time and date of the visit, the pages visited, the website from which the visit took place, the type of browser used, the type of operating system, and the domain name and address of the ISP. The data to be recorded will be automatically logged when you log in or out without your separate statement or action. From this data, the system automatically generates statistical data. This data may not be combined with other personal data, except in cases required by law. We use this information only in aggregated and aggregated form to correct any errors in our services, to improve their quality and for statistical purposes.

The purpose of data management: Technical development of the IT system, control of the operation of the service, personalization, production of statistics and protection of the visitor’s rights. In the event of abuse, the data can also be used to identify the source of the abuse in cooperation with the visitors’ internet service provider and the authorities.

Legal basis of data management: Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of information society services on electronic commerce services and information society services. Act 13 / A. § (3).

Duration of data management: 30 days from the date of viewing the website.


This website uses so-called ‘cookies’. Cookies are small text data files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website through your web browser. Cookies store certain information (such as a unique page or language settings) that your web browser transmits to us, depending on the lifetime of the Cookies, when you visit our website again.

Absolutely necessary, session cookies

These cookies are necessary for users to browse our website, use its function, e.g. including a note of the actions you take on the pages you provided during a visit. These cookies are valid only for your current visit, and these types of cookies are automatically deleted from your computer when you end the session or close your browser.

Without the use of these cookies, we cannot guarantee your use of our website.

Name of the cookieDescriptionExpiration date
moove_gdpr_popupIt records the setting for accepting cookies on our website12 month


The Data Controller measures the website traffic data using the GoogleAnalytics service. When using the service, non-personal data is transmitted that is not suitable for identifying the data subject.
The Data Controller uses Google reCAPTCHA, an automated test that can distinguish a human user from a computer. During the test, the computer generates a puzzle that only one person can answer correctly, but the machine can also easily decide the correctness of the answer. Such tests most often consist of reading a distorted text and can be used well to detect spambots.
Our website may also contain links that are not operated by the Data Controller, but only for the information of visitors. The Data Controller has no influence on the content and security of the websites operated by the partner companies and is therefore not responsible for them. Please review the privacy statement of the pages you visit before providing any information on that page in any form.

Embedded content from other websites

Entries available on the Website may use embedded content (such as videos, images, etc.) from an external source. Embedded content from an external source behaves exactly as if we had visited another website.


You can contact us at any of our contact details (by e-mail, by phone, by mail). In such a case, we will assume your consent to the processing of personal data shared with us.

Legal basis for data processing: Your consent.

The purpose of data management: To keep in touch with the requester and to answer and resolve the question / request.

Time of data processing: Messages and personal data received in this way will be deleted after the specific request, question or complaint has been answered. However, if it is necessary for tax or accounting reasons, or possibly for the protection of the rights and interests of the Data Controller or the requester, we will archive it and – for each case individually examined – store it for the necessary time.

Email: lorand@process-improver.com

Phone number: +36302391761


We must always identify you before fulfilling your request. If we are unable to identify you, we are unfortunately unable to process your request.

Respond to the request

After identification, we will provide information about the request in writing, electronically or, at your request, orally. Please note that if you have submitted your application electronically, we will respond electronically. Of course, in this case you also have the option to ask for another way.

Administrative deadline

We will inform you about the measures taken following your request no later than within 1 (one) month from the receipt of the request. If necessary, taking into account the complexity of the application and the number of applications, this deadline may be extended by an additional 2 (two) months, of which we will inform you within the one-month administrative deadline.

Administration fee

The requested information and action is free of charge. An exception shall be made where the request is manifestly unfounded or, in particular because of its repetitive nature, excessive. In this case, we may charge a fee or refuse to comply with the request

You can withdraw your consent

In the case of data processing based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time. In such a case, we will delete your personal data in connection with the given data processing within 14 working days from the receipt of the notification.

You can request information (access)

You can request information on whether your personal data is being processed and, if so:

– What’s your purpose?

– Exactly what kind of data is it about?

– To whom do we pass this information?

– How long do we store this data?

– What rights and remedies do you have in this regard?

– Who did we get your information from?

– Do we make an automated decision about you using your personal information? In such cases, you may also request information about the logic (method) we use and the significance and expected consequences of such data management.

– If you find that your data has been transferred to an international organization or a third country (non-EU Member State), you can request a demonstration of what guarantees the proper processing of your personal data.

– You may request a copy of your personal information (Additional fees may incur a fee based on administrative costs.)

You can request a correction

You may request that we correct or supplement your inaccurately or incompletely recorded personal information.

You can request the deletion of your personal data (“forgetting”)

You can request that we delete your personal information.

Your request will be processed within 14 working days of receipt of the request in the following cases:

a) Personal data are no longer required for the purpose for which they were processed;

b) For data processing solely with your consent;

c) If it is established that personal data is being processed unlawfully;

d) Required by EU or national law.

Please be informed that in the case of a), c) and d) personal data will be deleted without request.

We may not delete personal data if it is needed:

(a) for the purpose of exercising the right to freedom of expression and information;

(b) compliance with an obligation under Union or Member State law applicable to the controller to process personal data or in the public interest;

(c) on grounds of public interest in the field of public health

(d) for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific and historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, where erasure would make such processing likely to be impossible or seriously jeopardize it; obsession

e) to submit, enforce or defend legal claims.

You can request that we restrict data management

You can request to limit the data storaged.