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Process and efficiency analysis

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WASTE and loss identification

Identifying Bottlenecks and Time-Eater routines of your processes

Do you want to identify potentional losses of your company?

Don’t know how much time spent on Value-Added activities and on WASTE routines?

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on process survey projects?

Want to achieve process improvements and savings, but don't know how to get started?

Want to gain accurate data of your activities?

Solution for you and for your business:
Work Sampling Study (MMA)

Work Sampling Study, called Multi-Moment-Analysis (MMA).

MMA is a modern and innovative:

  • Process survey analysis and evaluation
  • Time-Eater and Waste identification
  • Performance and resource analysis online Tool.

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MMA is already used successfully in Europe and all around the world.

Don’t expect a complicated tool.

Simple and great.

customer reviews

Wind review

"If a company wants to grow and improve, it's essential to review its processes, because in many cases, routine activities prevent the growth. Thank you for the helpful MMA study and analysis that helped us to improve our processes."

Zoard Safrany, Sales Manager, Wind Eurotrans Ltd. - EuroTools division

"The MMA study was very useful for us, because with this method we were able to get a real picture of the workload of our colleagues and their daily tasks. Analysing the results, we are able to make necessary improvements for the future and we can allocate the daily tasks more efficiently, thus also gaining more time and more profit. I recommend the Multi-Moment-Analysis study to everyone, whose goal is to maximize profit and distributing daily tasks more efficiently!"

Levente Szikszay, CEO, Ultra LOG Ltd.
Ultralog review

FEATURES and benefits

What are the main benefits of a MMA study?


It is an ONLINE analysis tool. Participants need to answer just a few questions in 10-15 minutes interval in a Pop-up window.


Once the required initial parameters are set up in the Tool, gaining data of your processes can be immediatelly started.


It provides comprehensive analysis from employee level, through all organizational units up to management level of the entire company.


The analysis tool can be run on smartphone, on tablet or on PC. It is a cloud-based service, so you don't have to install anything. It can sue worldwide.

Reasonable price

Don't expect high costs. Process survey analysis for entire company already from price 125 Euros/Participant.

Short payback

By identifying and eliminating wastes and time-eater activities with the help of the tool, it achieves savings and process improvement for your business.

What kind of answers and results does a MMA study provide?

You are able to find efficiency killers and time-eaters of your processes. You can identify  bottlenecks, efficiency gaps, time killers and time-wasting routines from employee up to management level as well.

You get accurate data about worktime spent on different activities and tasks. It is not stationary, it can be used inside and outside the company, or even in home office. It is a suitable analysis also for physical and for intellectual office jobs as well.

The study provides you accurate usage data of your assets, machines, forklifts, or softwares are being utilized.

With the help of the MMA study, you can get employee satisfaction feedback and workload information. You are able to reorganize and redistribute daily tasks, which will further increase the level of commitment of your workers.

The analysis can be used to gain data about how optimal your workflows are and how efficiently your employees can perform them. You will receive a feedback about whether your employees are working according to their work instructions or not.

MMA analysis is an excellent tool to measure LEAN and Kaizen process development efficiency.

It can measure the before and after phase of the improvement (Check), so you will have accurate data about the effectiveness of your developments.

It is an excellent tool to monitorize and analyze the daily work of your employees at home office.

Where can it be used?

MMA can measure the workload of your forklifts and warehouse workers.

It helps to provide essential data to determine the optimal human and machine resources of your logistics process.

The MMA survey provides:

  • productivity efficiency
  • Accurate data about Value-Added and Non-Value-Added activities
  • manufacturing activities and labor costs

The MMA analysis can be done by any service provider or even in banking sector:

  • structure of work processes
  • determining the amount of work spent on each projects and tasks in every organizational level
  • utilization of the tools and softwares, licences

The MMA survey provides answers of:

  • Determining the distribution of daily tasks per employee 
  • in which areas or organizational units it is necessary to reorganize and redistribute the daily tasks
  • monitorize the employee activities in Home Office

MMA can provide data of:

  • working hours spent on each sales phase
  • working hours spent on each customer (essential for KPIs)

The MMA study can be used by leaders and by managers:

  • determining the working time spent on daily tasks
  • Identifing time-wasting and time-eater routines

Are you also interested in these essential datas of your company?

You can see some case study reports and charts shown below. Click to enlarge the pictures.

How does a MMA study look like?


Preparing phase

  • Collecting daily tasks of each processes and employees (or positions)
  • Upload and setting up the activities to the MMA online platform
Work sampling


Running phase

  • Participants log into the MMA platform or into the smartphone app.
  • A Pop-Up window appears 4-5 times/hour and a few simple questions has to be answered
  • Data can be monitorized continuously on the MMA platform


Evaluation phase

Usually the data collection period runs for 1-2 weeks time. During this period, the system logs participants’ answers. Once the study is done, you are able to have dosens of reports:

  • Data evaluation and reports analysis, identifying potentional losses and time-eater routines
  • Making necessary improvements and optimization steps
Work sampling
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